The curse of evil Emily: Adventure Horror Game V1.4 Apk + Mod For Android

The curse of evil Emily This is the new free game in 2021 from IndieFist Studio! A new free horror game and creepy story ๐Ÿ˜‰
If you like horror games with some puzzles to be completed, this evil game will scary you with a terrific story. You can play this scary horror game offline.

Emily went a few days with her friend Claire at the cabin in the wood. Her friend and she found an old ouija in the cabin, so they decided to make a joke to some soul , and they discovered the death was coming! …. We canยดt tell you more, you must go and discover what is going on with this evil game!

You must go to the cabin, to see what is happening, you will discover a creepy monster, like a zombie, if you like zombie games give a try to this scary game because the evil dead will shock you.

The curse of evil Emily
The curse of evil Emily

This game will be more awful than ice scream or mr meat, but you can complete all the puzzles in this casual game in ghost mode, like hideous evil nun or death park, other features:

– Solve this free scary game with a nightmare environment.
– Play ghost mode without any enemy, granny, or monster, to explore and complete puzzle.
– Easy and normal mode will have so many places to hide.
– Explore a dark wood and you will find an horror cabin.
– Search and explore to complete puzzle and escape.
– Rescue your girl friend from the dreadful evil monster.
– Creepy story at the end with an evil death.
– Intense gameplay experience and atmosphere.

The curse of evil Emily
The curse of evil Emily

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