Tap Tap Dig V2.0.3 Apk + Mod For Android

If you enjoy clicker games, Tap Tap Dig is perfect for you! Tap Tap Dig is an incremental idle clicker game that lets you take control of a miner and dig deep into the planet’s core! Just start clicking to mine. Bring along special mining helpers, collect coins, diamonds, and more! Upgrade your miner and helpers to increase your DPS and reach uncharted depths.

Tap Tap Dig
Tap Tap Dig

Digging for gold has never been more exciting! Tap to start, then upgrade your helpers and hire benefactors to help you dig deeper, faster. Unlock a pirate helper, construction slime, a miniature black hole and more! Still not strong enough? Collect fossils and trigger a Big Bang to boost your digging power even further!

Download now and start digging for gold in one of the most addicting incremental idle clicker games! How far can you dig?


Idle Clicker Gameplay
Tap: Swing your pick-axe!
Tap: Squish earthworms and earn diamonds!
Dig: Earn coins and fossils!

Incremental Upgrades
Collect 12 helpers to dig for you!
Hire benefactors to unlock unique bonuses
Evolve your digging strategy! Unlock special mysterious benefactors to lend a helping hand, fin, or claw!

Tap Tap Dig
Tap Tap Dig

Upgrade Your Miner
Gold Miner: Unlock prospector skills and dig even faster
Research stat bonuses and profit!
Rewards to permanently upgrade your prospector are everywhere!

Idle Mining
Earn coins even when you’re not playing
Bonus – enjoy cool bonuses from our unique ad reward system
Achievement system – show off to your friends!

Tap Tap Dig is the perfect incremental clicker / idle game for fans of endless fun. Tap the day away digging for gold, diamonds, fossils, and more! Bring along friends like Rocky the loyal dog, Mack “The Anchor” pirate, and Jack Hammer the construction worker and get digging today!

Tap, Tap, Dig – can you dig it?

Become a gold digger in one of the newest free mining games and download now!

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Download Apk V2.0.3 – [45MB]

Download Mod V1.9.6 – [45MB]

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