Tales Rush V1.4.0 Apk + Mod For Android

This is a fairy tale written by you: Tales Rush

Your heroes, Sword-girl Alice and Ninja Alibaba, you’ll command them on an adventure full of unknowns.

In this crisis-ridden world, in the face of well-intentioned gifts, crazy games, blood curses, accept or reject?

It’s up to you!

Tales Rush
Tales Rush

How the tales ends, let’s wait and see!

Game Features

* Tap and slide, release finger to attack, enjoy a thrilling battle with simple operation.

* Random skills, every adventure is a whole new experience.

* Challenge powerful enemies and use your strength to conquer them.

* Recruit heroes to experience very different ways of fighting.

* You will encounter a variety of tale characters. Different choices will lead to different results.

[Tips] Hero’s exclusive equipment unlock conditions:

When you have a Lamp and the hero reaches Level 3, the Hero’s super-powerful exclusive equipment will silently appear in the Shop Page!

Tales Rush
Tales Rush

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Download Apk V1.4.0

Download Mod V1.3.7

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