Shadows: Cradle Island Puzzle RPG V1.1.54 Apk + Mod + Data For Android

Dexter followed a missing researcher to Cradle Island only to get caught in an ancient mystery.

Help Dexter save Laura and uncover the mystery behind an ancient immortal creature rampaging the city in an Open-World Puzzle RPG Adventure.

Shadows- Cradle Island offers you the following:

Non-Linear Task
You decide what to complete first. Shadows: Cradle Island offers non-linear tasks and you have complete control over your task.

Engaging Backstory
Enjoy the story about the Shadows and the mystery of Cradle Island unfold as you complete a task or reach a certain milestone. How the story unfolds all depends on you.

Shadows Cradle Island
Shadows Cradle Island

Three Different Ending
How the story ends depends on the circumstances upon leaving the Island. Will you have the courage to complete the story or just leave when you have a chance?

Challenge your memory and creativity
This is not your typical find the pieces kind of game where you will just keep on clicking the screen to find the item you are looking for. In Shadows: Cradle Island, you will have to explore the map, big enough the challenge your short term memory, to complete your task. You also have to be creative to determine what things will help you in completing your task. The task gets harder to complete as you go deeper into the story.

Shadows Cradle Island
Shadows Cradle Island

Open-World Puzzle RPG Adventure
Interact with the world and objects to explore the map and complete your task. You will enjoy the game even when you are just exploring with our very cool graphics and map navigation.

Day and Night Cycle
Freely explore the map during the day but be careful exploring at night. Will you have the courage to explore at night or just sleep through it, you decide.

Arcade Mode Coming Soon!
Finished the story already? We are almost completed with the arcade feature to offer you multiple levels.

A new 2d platformer experience awaits you. Enjoy!