Puzzmem‏ V1.0.2 Apk For Android

By being quiet within your own world, you may step into the memory world to explore your great brain potentials.

*Elves & Crystal* Puzzmem This scene is about the quick single line memory on glyphicons. Initially, players may try to find out answers through their faculty of memory. As going forward, the games will upgrade in stages and levels and the game difficulty will increase accordingly.


*Zen Forest*
This scene is about the dual line memory on glyphicons. During playing games, players need to focus their attention on extending directions of two memory lines and rapidly put glyphicons and their locations into their minds, and then find out correct answers, which shall be quick and accurate. For more interests and excitement, the game difficulty will increase level by level.


This scene is about mirroring memory on glyphicons. Players have to remember locations of all emerged glyphicons and then find out their mirroring locations. It is a great challenge and practice for your graphic memory and logic thinking, and of course, you will get a lot of fun and the sense of accomplishment from it.

The tone of each glyphicon will help players experience the amazing feeling of stereo memory

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