Monthly Idol V7.46 Apk + Mod For Android

Monthly Idol In this game you are the manager of a very small agency that you have just started and your goal is to grow and become one of the largest agencies around the world.
You are the one who chooses a group of girls or boys to grow your agency as they grow.
The duration of each contract is five years, during which you have the duty to guide them to the highest possible place. Of course, you will also have the ability to renew your contract after five years or sign a new contract. You can create music through the studio, which will increase the number of fans, album sales and YouTube views by choosing the right theme for it.


▶ Grow your small entertainment agency into a global TOP agency!
You are the BOSS who will choose a girl group or boy group to grow own agency.

▶The basic contract period with IDOLs is five years. Please make them into TOP IDOLs.
Of course, you can renew your contract after five years.

Monthly Idol
Monthly Idol

▶Make a recording through PRODUCING! If you choose a favorite theme for the public,
the number of records sales, music streaming and YouTube views will increase!
Of course, there may be a lot of album purchases among fans.

▶Get popular through the SCHEDULE! As you become more popular,
you will receive a variety of schedule exceptions!

▶Every Idol’s Dream! Take the World Tour!
The chance to win a jackpot is only in CONCERT! Let’s watch the fans with their light stick!

▶About Cloud saving and Cloud loading
>When you delete the game, all data will be disappeared. Please save by google cloud saving function at setting.
>After saving the data by google cloud save please load data by google cloud load at setting
>After reinstall the game the data is not loaded automatically.
Please skip the tutorial and load data at setting
>When you save the data Please check that you made exact data slot or not.
>If you don’t get respond when you click the save/load button, please click the google icon button at setting. you can log in google account.

Monthly Idol
Monthly Idol

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#Please let me know immediately about any questions regarding bugs. Thank you.

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Download Apk V7.46 – [47MB]

Download Mod V7.44 – [47MB]

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