Lootbox RPG V1.94 Apk + Mod For Android

Lootbox is a dungeon crawler that will let you play an unexperienced demon child. Being one of His Great Unholinesses sons, you are about to set on a quest that will lead you to various places until you finally have the chance to help your father defend the realm against its enemies.


Lootbox RPG
Lootbox RPG

– Random dungeon generation, Maze-like and Cave-like
– Static levels with NPC and Quests
– Build your character up to level 40
– Unlock new skills while levelling
– Find magic runeboards and runes to cast spells
– Get you own minion that can carry things for you or even fight for you!
– Turn-based – you can play it anytime, anywhere – even if you’re in a hurry
– Available in english and german language

Why is it satisfying? Imagine the following situations…

“Oh no, an incoming call!”
no real time decisions, you can safely interrupt the game at any point.

Lootbox RPG
Lootbox RPG

“So late already?”
no need to exit the game, a real world clock can be switched on optionally.

“What? I AM DEAD?”
No permadeath, this is no rogue-clone. You can load/save at any time, or return to safety without losing all your money or equipped items.

“Damn! I died and I forgot to save!”
The game is autosaved every level, don’t panic.

“If I only could teach those damn rats what I’ve learned…”
You can come back to your old friends and show them your uber gear.

“Nice game, but my smartphone is over 5 years old…”
The game runs well on older devices, happy playing!

“Where can I buy money?”
Nowhere. This game is OFFLINE and there is NO Pay-To-Win mechanism. Sorry.

“Where is the chatroom?”
There are enough messengers already in the world, right?

“Where do I have to register?”
Register what? This game is OFFLINE. I don’t need your data, thanks anyway.

“Where is the premium version?”
There isn’t. Buy once, play endless.

Download Apk V1.94 – [77MB]

Download Mod V1.94 – [82MB]

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