Jump Kingdom V2.1.1 Apk + Mod For Android

Jump Kingdom” is a platformer game,you have to save the world that has become a “cube”!

you can play this game without internet.
In this game,you can only jump, use it to clear levels and beat the boss!The boss battle need to think if you want clear it!
The game has been adapted to a 16:9, full-screen, 16:10 resolution phone or tablet. At the same time, the game also supports Bluetooth keyboard, controller and other external device expansion.

Jump Kingdom
Jump Kingdom

Amazing features:
+ 25 well-designed levels
+ 12 time-race levels
+ Almost every level has a different BGM
+ 5 different world themes
+ 5 different boss battle
+ good story

Jump Kingdom
Jump Kingdom

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Download Apk V2.1.1

Download Mod V2.1.1

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