John Hayashi V1.99 Apk + Mod For Android

John Hayashi Caution: Before you start, you should learn how to play through the tutorial!
(The tutorials can be viewed again at any time in the setting.)

In this peaceful world, the gates of hell opened and the devils took over the world.

The Gunman John from the West and Edo swordsman Hayashi of the same era both lost their loved ones from these devils.

Brought together by inexplicable force of spirit the two by their mutual hate for the devils, the two becomes John Hayashi.

John Hayashi
John Hayashi

And they thirst for revenge.

Brilliant western action with guns and swords! John Hayashi!

🕹️Game introduction
Push off the zombies with Hayashi’s attack, blast them with John’s revolver to get up to the pinnacle of Hell where Azrael awaits and save the world.

John Hayashi
John Hayashi

🕹️Core Content
⚔️Counter attack with the sword against the enemy’s attack and kill with a shot.
⚔️Use your gorgeous skill shots to defeat many enemies with Soul obtained from your opponents!
⚔️Collect various guns.
⚔️Upgrade John Hayashi to learn a variety of shooting skills!

Download Apk V1.99

Download Mod V1.99

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