GETCHA GHOST V2.0.19 Apk + Mod + Data For Android

Ghosts are gathering all over the world?! GETCHA GHOST
Capture Ghosts with your camera and solve puzzles with them!

The people are in danger!
Summon the good ghosts you’ve captured!
Let’s save them together!

■Finally, Getcha Ghost is released!
■Enjoy ghost-hunting with splendid characters from the Haunted House!

Just 10 minutes!
Don’t miss out on all of the gifts and prizes from the GMs!


■■■■■Game Feature■■■■■

This game is based on the famous animation!
It’s even more fun if you’re familiar with the original.
Enjoy the incredible stories and adventures of the animation ‘The Haunted House’

Capture your own ghosts from around you,
just like the TV show!

Upgrade your characters,
gain more points and save the people!


■■■■■ How to Play ■■■■■

There are ghosts around me?
Capture the ghosts with your camera in Capture mode!
Play along with simple puzzles and fight against the demons.

Capture Mode: Capture Ghosts that will fight at your side!
Slowly turn your phone around and… AHHH! Ghost!
Capture the Ghosts wandering around you!
Capture the Ghosts in the real world and create your own collection!

Combat Mode: Fight against the demons and gain score points!
Call upon the good ghosts you’ve captured and defeat the demons!
The number of people saved will be shown as the score?
How high can you make it?

‘GETCHA GHOST-The Haunted House’ always welcomes feedback from you, the users.
Your precious reviews will greatly encourage our developers

Download Apk V2.0.19

Download Mod V2.0.19

Download Data V2.0.19

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