Fast Banana. Get ready to race V1.1 Apk + Data For Android

Fast Banana Wild, arcade-style races with simple controls. Fight real racers from all over the world.
Welcome to Fast Banana.

Fast Banana
Fast Banana

We’ve got:
Jumps, tricks, drifting, and other cool moves to drive faster. Sidescrape, squeeze the competition off the track, and flip off anyone who passes.
Rockets, shields, traps, and super speed boosts. Attack enemies and defend yourself.
Cars, motorcycles, and even a bed on wheels. Take ‘em all out for a test drive!
Kick Chick, Lovable Rogue and Rock’n’roll Freak. Drive with your style.
Upgrades and skins. Customize everything.
Tracks, modes, events, and all that good stuff. Come in first every time.

Download Apk V1.1 – [52MB]

Download Data V1.1 – [196MB]

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