Departed Paths – Survival Adventure V1.8 Apk + Data For Android

Feel the sense of adventure while you fight for survival, solve puzzles, and discover the mystery of the forest. All while saving your family from an evil wizard. Or you can fight for the survival of the evil wizard. It’s your choice in this casual survival adventure game.

Can you solve the puzzle to the evil wizards plan before it’s to late? Have fun on this adventure where all you are asked to do is swipe. Swipe with vigor, swipe with passion as you have fun in the footsteps of many adventurers. Helping them depart from their adventure, casually leaving what they once knew behind. As you do so you will slowly solve the puzzles to uncover the mystery that will set you free.

Departed Paths
Departed Paths

Play casual or hardcore. Have fun and enjoy the way you want to play with difficulties to suit every style of each adventurer.

Features: Departed Paths – Survival Adventure
Beautiful art.

Casual puzzles.

Survival mechanics.

Sense of adventure.

Fun and intuitive game-play.

Over 500 cards to play through.

Departed Paths
Departed Paths

Fight against bandits and skeletons for your survival.

Optional difficulties that include hard, normal, and story mode.

Includes many fantasy aspects, such as evil wizards, witches, werewolves, and vampires.

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