Deadnite V2.0 Apk For Android

Deadnite is a challenging and relaxing puzzle experience, ready to test your mind and skill.
Rotate the box to navigate your player from the start to a special target – Just make sure to avoid all the Obstacles, or you will have to start all over again. Sounds easy? Try it. And guess again. Deadnite is challenging. Really challenging
The term “challenging” is very overused these days. But to finish deadnite you’ll have to do your very best of logical thinking. But don’t worry: deadnite is a perfect pastime for everyone, who likes to challenge their mind every now and then.


How to play?
You need to deliver your player to finish. You can twist the platform around its axis while throwing the player. You can freeze the player in one place by pressing the Fix button.

deadnite doesn’t require any prior experience in gaming, physics or any puzzle game
deadnite is easy to get your mind.


unique Levels with 10 added every week
Challenging Levels
Relaxing puzzle
Amazing Physics
More Levels Added every week

Download Apk V2.0 – [24MB]

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