Bubble Screen Translate V2.0.8 Apk For Android

Bubble Screen Translate

Bubble Screen Translate recognizes any text on your screen and instantly translate them into your native language.
Browser, SNS, games, photos, documents, etc. everything can be translated.

It is flexible and simple to use.And it is very fast to translate your screen, just wait for 3 seconds and all text in your screen is translated.

Translation is free and secure.We provide the latest machine learning models with the most improved precision.

Bubble Screen Translate
Bubble Screen Translate

– Features:
+ Translate on other apps
+ Translate text right on the phone screen
+ Translate game screen
+ Detect and translate copied text
+ Allow to copy the translated text
+ Bubble Translation floating on the screen
+ Screen translate

– Other features:
+ Scan and translate text on the screen
+ Recognize text
+ OCR text scanner

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