Apple Knight V2.1.1 Apk + Mod For Android

Apple Knight is a one of a kind action-adventure platformer game. Explore beautiful hand-crafted levels, fight the evil king’s army, upgrade swords & abilities, and reclaim your kingdom!

FIGHT your way through hordes of evil wizards, knights and creatures!
Defeat enemies with your melee weapon and ranged ability. Or use various traps spread throughout the level!

Apple Knight
Apple Knight

EMBARK on an exciting adventure spanning multiple worlds!
Each level is hand crafted and unique in its layout. There will be a new obstacle or enemy type in each level for you to discover and overcome!

ACQUIRE powerful new skins, swords and abilities!
Find weapon and ability crates in various levels – and then equip them to upgrade your character.

EMERGE victorious and restore peace in your kingdom!
The kingdom is depending on you.

Apple Knight
Apple Knight

Multiple hand-crafted worlds and levels.
Tough bosses.
Collect gold and buy better skins, armor, swords and abilities.
Explore secret areas in every level.
Beautiful graphics.
Controller support.
Lots of enemies and obstacles.
New game modes on the way.
Made with lots of love and care!

Download Apk V2.1.1 – [45MB]

Download Mod V2.1.0 – [45MB]

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