ALTER: Between Two Worlds Full V1.01 Apk For Android

ALTER: Between Worlds is a great and well-built puzzle-style Android game that you can enjoy playing on your Android devices!

Alter is a tile-based puzzle adventure game in which the player explores two parallel worlds.
Players show surfaces with precise design that are made with handmade and very beautiful art.
Simply navigate through the simple and available controls and press the player solves the imaginary puzzles of the mind.
Each level focuses on the main feature of having the ability to move back and forth between two worlds.


Alter is a tile-based puzzle adventure game where the player explores two parallel worlds. Players will discover meticulously designed levels illustrated with beautiful hand-crafted art. Through simple and accessible controls – simply move, and push – the player will solve imaginative and mind bending puzzles. Every level focuses on the main feature of having the ability to switch back and forth between the two worlds. In addition, the player is able to interact with a variety of environmental elements (platforms, blocks, switches…) and to face multidimensional enemies.


Play as Ana whose journey has led her to a lost desert temple holding mysterious powers. Help Ana on her soul-searching adventure about grief and happiness. Guide her through diverse and fantastical areas, collect atoms to progress and complete her quest.

• Explore rich and distinct environments, with each chapter boasting unique visuals.
• Switch between parallel worlds.
• Solve intricate door puzzles to unlock the next level.
• New and captivating puzzle mechanics introduced throughout the game.
• Original and compelling soundtrack.
• Optimized for both tablets and phones.

Download Apk V1.01 – [134MB]

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